The APTA Tour 

The 2024-2025 APTA Tour showcases 20 events–including four  Grand Prix and Nationals–throughout the season. Most of these major events are live streamed on the APTA Network for all paddle players to enjoy. APTA Tour players will compete for almost $350,000 in locally-raised prize money. View Tour Calendar.



The APTA Cup is a season-long competition–a player’s top 6 APTA Tour results (out of a possible 19 events) count toward the APTA Cup. This season, $50,000 will be awarded by the APTA –$25,000 men/$25,000 women–with the top 6 players each receiving prize money. Check out all the national ranking rules and procedures  here.

Note: APTA Nationals is no longer an APTA Cup event.

Want to Host an APTA Tour Event?

APTA Tour events are chosen each year by the APTA Selection Committee. If you would like to host an APTA Tour event, the application and proposal process starts in March before the next season. We appreciate the effort it takes to run an APTA Tour event and welcome all applications.

APTA National Rankings

Men’s Rankings

Women’s Rankings

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