Coaches Corner: Circle of Trust and No Zone


Director of Hinsdale Paddle Club Matt Lemery uses one single point from an APTA Tour match to break down the concepts of the No Zone and the Circle of Trust.

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A long point between Filip Rams/Mike Wagner and Tyler Fraser/Adam Morgan emphasizes the importance of staying in the Circle of Trust—the net team’s deuce side player’s position so that his/her teammate can take the majority of the overheads. When the deuce side net player switches the ball to the No Zone—the baseline deuce player's forehand—it causes a shift at the net often leading to confusion and positioning mistakes. Watch the video to see it in action.

Matt Lemery is the Director of Paddle at Hinsdale Paddle Club in Illinois. Besides having the best beard and mullet in paddle, he has over 18 years of coaching and playing experience in tennis and paddle. Matt recently started his own YouTube channel to provide his members with video coaching, strategy, and techniques.

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