This is How We Volley Part 3: Going Deep in Tech


The Journey of the Volley Trainer from Conception to the Court. Part 3: Going Deep in Tech

The Volley Technology 

Volley uses visionary software technology for ball and player tracking, as well as court positioning, assuring precision in monitoring movement on the court. The wheels make it portable, and the rechargeable battery eliminates pesky cords. Because it has an adjustable height of up to 87 inches and versatile tilt angles (-38 to 56 degrees), this “ball machine” can recreate intricate shots, including drives, lobs, volleys, overheads, screens, returns, and specialty shots. It is as much for pros as it is for new players who want to learn and for any paddle player looking for a good on-court workout. 

Our mobile app offers a range of tools designed for players to transform their training routines. With just a few swipes on a mobile phone, users can access drills, custom workouts, recorded sessions, and detailed player statistics–managing their own training goals. It can be used individually. Or it can  create a community that promotes healthy competition and connects players to a network of paddle  people dedicated to raising their game.

The Volley Future 

We view responsive play as the next frontier for the Volley trainer. The trainer will leverage what it knows about a player to analyze a serve and subsequent shots and create returns customized to individual skill level. By accurately capturing player performance, the trainer will combine real-time data with a comprehensive understanding of player style to anticipate reactions, selecting more challenging response shots each time, with the intention of pushing players to excel with every shot on the court. It is a tool that innovates, motivates, even possibly at times frustrates, and, yet, will definitely develop your game.

The people who are part of platform tennis, pickleball, and padel are enthusiastic - and so is Volley! We know that together, we’ll continue to make great strides for the sport, and our trainer will help ensure more people can learn, play, and excel at the game we all love. #ThisisHowWeVolley

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John Weinlader is the CEO of Volley, the innovator of the first AI-enabled racquet sports training experience.

About Volley

Volley, the premier 2023-24 APTA Sponsor, is modernizing racquet sports with the first AI-enabled training experience. Backed by cutting-edge technology, Volley delivers the on-demand, dynamic system for live play training and better workouts. Volley creates a community to connect pros and players while giving users personalized performance insights to track progress and customize their practice via a smartphone app. Volley supports pros with new ways to interact with players, helps facilities boost program participation, and provides everyone with more opportunities to play the game they love. For more information, visit



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