Fundraisers Around the Country


During the holidays, we often think about how we can give back to the charities we love.  But can we do that and still play paddle?  Absolutely.  These benefit tournaments offer different ways to support a cause and play our favorite sport.  Check them out.

Mixed Bag Fun-draiser  

At the Ocean Pines Platform Tennis Club in Maryland, they throw a mixed, men’s and women’s divisions tournament to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The goal is to help fund Parkinson’s disease research while creating a fun atmosphere for players from the Mid-Atlantic states. 

Chicago Charities  

The name of this Grand Prix event says it all. Every year, the Chicago paddle community chooses a different charity to support, using the proceeds from entry fees and donations. This season, they supported FAST, a group funding a cure for Angelman’s disease.  

Battle of the Clubs  

This combo platform tennis and pickleball tournament pitted eight teams (over 100 players) from the Boston area clubs against each other—for glory on the courts and who could fundraise the most; the final total was over $80,000. Tenacity creates in-school and after-school enrichment programs in tandem with athletic offerings in racquet sports for Boston students.

Paddles for S.I.S  

Rochester knows how to put together an all-day feel-good event, where 100s of players dress up, play for fun or compete for a division win, donate to an over-the-top raffle/auction, and party into the night. The SIS Paddle Tournament has been in action for two decades, benefiting Sustain Inspire Survive, an organization that improves the quality of life of patients in treatment for breast cancer. Last year, they raised over $13, 000. 

Habitat For Humanity Fundraiser  

Organized by the Unionville High School Habitat for Humanity campus chapter club and UHS paddle club, this is the fourth year the group has raised over $5,000. This event starts off the MAPTA paddle season, with 12 men's teams and 12 women's teams competing at Radley Run and Concord Country Clubs. Balls and beers are donated by sponsors—the players’ generosity and other donations fills the till. 

If you are running a fundraiser this season, please contact the APTA and let us know. We want to share your goodwill with a community dedicated to serving others. Happy Holidays everyone!

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