Heard on the Court - Three Stories of VOLLEYs Impact


The season is now in full swing and Volley’s AI-enabled, portable trainers are working overtime. The Volley trainer is feeding more than 10,000 balls each day for members and pros across the country. Using vision algorithms to mimic real-life shots and play scenarios, players are seeing the immediate benefit of same-side instruction, player analysis, and more. But don’t just take our word for it…

  • Chicagoland platform tennis pros Teddy Boucquemont + David Bukowski – ”The Volley trainer has been incredibly versatile for us. We’re using the trainer in 1:1 lessons, group lessons, team practices, even with the kids - they are crazy for it.  It's been a lifesaver for our staff during injuries. The trainer is rarely off the court these days - someone is always using it.”

  • New Jersey platform tennis pro Jaime Ferriero -“I have become a huge believer in the power of this product to enhance my teaching and my students' success and enjoyment of the learning process. I intend on mastering the use and implementation of Volley for my teaching…and to elevate my own game. As each client sees their own progress, or their friends who are using it, It will sell itself.” 

  • Manager of International Sales DHL/Founder of Cutters & Cocktails (w/ Lauren Gebbia) Kerri Delmonico -“This is an amazing tool for all kinds of players, especially beginners. People starting out in the sport need both coaching and training volume to get up the learning curve. Volley is instrumental in giving them quality sessions anytime they can get on the court."

As a partner to the paddle community, Volley aims to help pros extend their expertise as far as possible for their members. Given the feedback, we’re excited to continue collaborating with paddle enthusiasts to help provide more opportunities for people to play the game they love. Please reach out to us to share your experience or to learn more about Volley.

John Weinlader is the CEO of Volley, the innovator of the first AI-enabled racquet sports training experience.

About Volley

Volley, the premier 2023-24 APTA Sponsor, is modernizing racquet sports with the first AI-enabled training experience. Backed by cutting-edge technology, Volley delivers the on-demand, dynamic system for live play training and better workouts. Volley creates a community to connect pros and players while giving users personalized performance insights to track progress and customize their practice via a smartphone app. Volley supports pros with new ways to interact with players, helps facilities boost program participation, and provides everyone with more opportunities to play the game they love. For more information, visit



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