It is Time to Stop Missing First Volleys


Do you know the best way to never miss a first volley? Stop hitting them. Just kidding—kinda. Serving and taking the net is the goal but not at the expense of missing two or three volleys a game. If someone has a really good return of serve, you have to be able to do something different. 

Serve and Stay Back

One option is to serve and stay back. From the backcourt, you have three options:

  1. Serve and re-drive off the deck. We can do this when the ball is short. 

  2. Serve and re-drive off the screen. We can do this when the return has been hit very hard and brings us forward.

  3. Serve and lob. This will give your partner time to come back. We do this when we do not get a ball that we feel comfortable driving back.

Major Key Alert

When serving and staying back, you are still trying to get to the net, but you’re going to do it in a less risky way.

Pro Tip

Don’t rush in after you re-drive. Make sure your opponent is lobbing or that you have the advantage.

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