APTA Women's Team Nationals

APTA Women's Team Nationals

Date: Apr 6 to Apr 7

City, State: Lake Forest, IL

Region: 5

Start Date
Saturday April 6, 2024
End Date
Sunday April 7, 2024
National Championship PTI
Tournament Director
Draw Size
50 teams
$150 Per Player
At the time of registering the team captain must enter all the team members’ names. If a captain pays for 7 players, 7 eligible players must be listed in the registration. A team that does not have a minimum of 6 players with acceptable PTIs will not be moved off the waiting list and into the tournament until this requirement is met. Waiting to complete the list could cause the team not to receive a spot in the tournament as it will be first come first serve for completed eligible teams
All teams will register on the waitlist. Once the player's eligibility is confirmed, the team will be notified and moved off the waitlist.
Additional Details
Registration will close at 12 NOON EDT on April 4.
Registration Opens
Thursday February 1, 2024
Registration Deadline
Thursday April 4, 2024
Eligibility Requirements
Six players play in 3 lines. Line 1 must have a lower combined PTI than line 2 and line 2 must have a lower combined PTI than line 3.
Day 1 – Round Robin - number of matches depends on division.
Day 2 – Semi-finals/Finals – All teams will have at least one match on Sunday. Winning teams advance to finals and compete for the championship in their division.
Registration Details
All entries are charged when a team registers. If a team is wait listed and does not get into the tournament, a refund will be made after the tournament is over.
APTA Membership
All players must be APTA members, and membership must be purchased before entry.
Official APTA rules will govern play.
A block or rooms has been set aside at the:
Renaissance North Shore
Address: 933 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: (847) 498-6500
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APTA Women's Team Nationals

Posted on 4/9/2024 12:00:00 AM by APTA

PTI 20-25 Winners - Cracking Thunderstorms  

Leslie Katz/Lisa Korach/Jamie Zaransky/Alison Morgan/Julie Klaff/Julie Flanzer Fish/Debbie Goldstein

PTI 25-30 Winners - Over Served 1 

Maggie Jessopp/Christine Neuman/Courtney Hughes/Keri Roth/Kristen Evans/Gillian Climo/ Rachel Young

PTI 30-35 Winners - Back Side Babes 

Anne Fox/Maryellen O'Mahony/Jennifer Richardson/Tiernan Cavanna/Mary Truslow/Meredith Stravato

PTI 35-40 Winners - Cougars 

Avis C Jason/Laura Ulrich/Andi Daube/Ashley Lebovic/Emily Tresley/Julie Hockenberg

PTI 40-45 Winners - Blitzin’ Vixens  

Phoebe Kaylor/Michelle Kanter/Lynn House/Sarah Black/Lisa Richardson/Leila Stuhr

PTI 45-50 Winners - I’d Hit That

Cailin Quinn/Stephanie Radebaugh/Maureen Smith/Carey Jacobs/Anja Freiburg/Kelly Lausch

PTI 50-55 Winners - Flight Risk 

Lisa Sligh/Dana Schnurman/Barbara Mooney/Casey Pierson/Stephanie Dougherty/Melissa Dakoff/Liesel Jankelowitz/Johanna Benavides

PTI 55-60 Winners - Baltimore Ballers 

Alice Margraff/Melissa Taylor/Alice Cootauco/Halle G. von Kessler/Jodi Lemken/Deirdre Weadock/Amy Bortner

PTI 60-65 Winners - Happy Campers 

Nicole Dunlap/Nicole Rutherford/Camille Vondruska/Hope Rodine/K.C Wise/Lorinda Salbego/Cindy West/Jessica King

PTI 65-70 Winners - The Lobsters 

Yesha Hoeppner/January Stramaglia/Lydia Jeon/Michele Barkinge/Pat Xourias/Sandra Orlowski

PTI 70-75 Winners - Pink Fireballers 

Aleesha Fischer/Linda Riskin/Kyli Cabrera/Brooke Cook/Jen Mallardi/Celeste Sentman/Diana Houck

PTI 20-25 Finalists - Chicas de Fuego

PTI 25-30 Finalists - The Cleveland Paddle Team

PTI 30-35 Finalists - Chitana

PTI 35-40 Finalists - Screen Savers

PTI 40-45 Finalists - 40Love

PTI 45-50 Finalists - Burn Baby Burn

PTI 50-55 Finalists - Let’s Go!

PTI 55-60 Finalists - Fireballin’ Blitzers

PTI 60-65 Finalists - Steel Sisters

PTI 65-70 Finalists - Screenshots

PTI 70-75 Finalists - Wilmette Ballerz

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