APTA Women's PTI 65+ Nationals

APTA Women's PTI 65+ Nationals

Date: Feb 22

City, State: West Chester, PA

Region: 3

Start Date
Thursday February 22, 2024
End Date
Thursday February 22, 2024
National Championship PTI
Tournament Director
Laurie Hissey
Draw Size
32 teams
$190 Per Team
All teams will register on the waitlist. Both players must have an individual PTI of 65 or higher and the combined PTI must be less than 150. Once eligibility is confirmed, the team will be notified and moved off the waitlist.
Registration closes at 7 p.m. EST on Feb. 13.
Registration Opens
Monday January 15, 2024
Registration Deadline
Tuesday February 13, 2024
Eligibility Requirements
In order to be eligible to participate in Team or PTI Nationals, a player's PTI history must have at least 8 rated matches within the last twelve months.
Those players who have fewer than 8 rated matches in the last twelve months may request an exception from the PTI Nationals committee.
Host Club
Radley Run Country Club
Registration Details
All entries are charged when a team registers. If a team is wait listed and does not get into the tournament, a refund will be made after the tournament is over.
APTA Membership
All players must be APTA members, and membership must be purchased before entry.
Official APTA rules will govern play.

APTA Women's PTI 65+ Nationals

Posted on 2/23/2024 12:00:00 AM by APTA

Winners - Caroline Feroleto/Jennifer Stahl 

Finalists - Jo Dillon/Kristin Jones

6-3, 6-3

Live Scoring Results

Tournament Director Laurie Hissey writes: Radley Run Country Club hosted 32 women vying for the gold medals. Amid a hut filled with friendly competition, a feeling of camaraderie surrounded all the players. Congratulations to our winners and all the competitors. Our junior players participated in the medal ceremony--we are working on the next generation here!