In This Issue of PTM– Unpacking Gerri Viant's Commentary

September 3, 2020

In Your Inbox Now; In Your Mailbox Soon

This year we are featuring Gerri-isms, often quoted words of wisdom by Hall-of-Famer Gerri Viant, compiled by Christi Hays. The first issue's focus is on Speed of Play. Here's an example: “NEVER HIT HARDER THAN YOU CAN CONTROL; NEVER HIT FASTER THAN YOU CAN MOVE!”

GV: Paddle is a game of consistency, managing your errors, and then adding offensive shots and plays. It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit the ball if you can’t be accurate at least 9 out of 10 times. You want your team to be in position to cover your opponents’ highest percentage shots before they strike the ball. At net, swinging the play from ad/deuce/ad/deuce at a racy pace does not always allow your team time to shift and establish high-percentage court positioning. Instead, if you hit the ball into the screens or hit a slow push down the middle, you will give your team time to shift.

Other topics coming: Shot Selection/Execution, Mental Toughness/Attitude, Partnership/Positioning, and Strategy.


Pictured: Mark Fischl (left), Gerri Viant (right)

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